Coffee Party Convention: Group Plans Response To Tea Party In Louisville

The Coffee Party, a progressive response to the conservative Tea Party movement, is in the midst of wrapping up the early registration phase for its upcoming National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.

The event, scheduled to take place on September 24 through the 26 at the Galt House Conference Center in Louisville, is billed as a chance "to reset the national dialogue so that we can address the challenges that we face as fellow Americans instead of partisans in a spectator sport."

According to the schedule, the convention will focus on a variety of workshops revolving around a few different themes, such as Coffee Party "strategy," "Candid Talk about Issues," "Voter Participation," and "Good Government."

Speakers include openly-gay discharged army veteran Lt. Dan Choi, author Frances Moore Lappé and Republican strategist Mark McKinnon, among others.

Coffee Party founder Annabel Park gave her take on the current political landscape to Louisville's WHAS11 in August, and explained why she thought her movement was necessary.

"Democracy should feel like a collaboration, not a football game with two teams," Park told WHAS. "So, it's important that we can leave our ideology at the door and really dig into the problems and problem solve and work together."

According to a Facebook post Monday, early registration for the convention ends Tuesday, August 31 at 9pm EST.

Watch the Coffee Party Convention video invitation: