Coffee Can Replace Plant Fertilizer, Deodorizer And More

6 Household Products That Can Be Replaced With Coffee

It's safe to say the morning doesn't start until we've had our cup of coffee. And we imagine this is true for most of you. But this little treat can do a lot more than just perk up your day. You can actually use grounds in place of quite an array of household products. So before you toss them in the trash, scroll through our list of swaps.

Plant Fertilizer
Once a month, place 3/4 cup of coffee grounds in your soil. The acidity will work wonders in the garden.

Furniture Polish/Scratch Remover
First, apply used coffee grounds to a scuff with a Q-tip. Then, allow them to sit on the spot for five to 10 minutes. Finally, buff away using a rag.

If something is smelling a little rancid in your house, like the fridge, just place a bowl of grounds near the space and soon it will smell so fresh and so clean.

Insect Repellent
Particularly useful in the garden, a mound of grounds will keep ants and slugs away from plants.

Counter Cleaner
Coffee's abrasive texture makes it perfect for getting grime off of kitchen surfaces.

Car Air Freshener
Admit it: Sometimes your car can smell a little funky. And placing vanilla-scented air fresheners around the vehicle doesn't always help. Instead, create this DIY version that uses pantyhose and coffee grounds that will absorb the stench.

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