Coffee, Workouts, and Wine: Habits of After 50 Fitness Professionals

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Myths About How The Skinny After 50 Fit Professional Bitches Exercise

They Do Hours of Cardio.

“Seriously, the last time I worked out for an hour straight was 10 years ago!” wrote Mindy Mylrea, International fitness pro and all around great gal. In fact, I got a virtual laugh out loud from several of the fit pros on this one.

Interval Training tops the charts for these women. They aren’t just in a gym all day (for their own workout at least). They’re behind computers, training other trainers, on planes and in cars getting to their next presentation or workshop.

Other types of workouts are either kept short but consistent, or include time to catch up with a friend. Sara Kooperman, CEO, SCW Fitness Education and founder, MANIA Fitness Professional Conventions walks/runs with a neighbor and strength trains with another friend. Yes, even fitness pros enjoy the benefits of a partner for exercise that doubles as therapy sessions.

Many of the fit pros mentioned here will be found networking at conferences in a jog with colleagues before the cocktail event. You’ll see below, they limit themselves in most cases to a glass of wine, if that, so an open bar is lost on them.

They Lift Light Weights ala Gweneth Paltrow’s trainer Tracy Anderson.

These gals put on their big girl pants to do their Weight Training. They change it up. Sometimes heavy, sometimes body weight, sometimes suspension training or water resistance. It’s often 10 minutes in and out. They are not lifting the pink dumbbells though, and every single one of them mentioned strength training is an absolute part of their personal routine.

They Do Yoga.

Simple stretches do the trick for most of these women. Much as they might crave a class, it’s a time thing. Whose got an hour to go to a yoga class? A few sun salutations or a warrior pose or two and they’re on to the next task. Maureen (Mo) Hagan, fitness ambassador, author and speaker ( does like to slip in a hot yoga class with her husband when she can.

They Constantly Workout As Part of Their Job.

Sitting as much as any workingwoman might, fitness pros make their movement a priority, yes. Yet, they may have hours more similar than different from yours. Though they may teach or train during hours of their day, most agree, this an active job but they are not working out personally during this time.

They’ll finish a day of conference presentations by networking with a jog with colleagues before dinner and drinks. They carry planned snacks and stop at grocery stores when they land. They cope with busy schedules just like you could with Non Exercise Activity Time (NEAT) and bursts of activity if they’ve got 10 minutes.

How The Skinny After 50 Fitness Professionals Take Their Coffee

From not at all for fitness experts Julie Milner, COO of the International Council on Active Aging and Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA of, co-creator of The Ultimate Abs Workout Collection for Women Over 50 to decaf tossed down by Kymberly’s twin Alexandra Williams, MA who is the other co-creator of all things fit for women over 50 at

Then there are the moderate consumers.

Irene Lewis McCormick, author of The HIIT Advantage for Women (Human Kinetics Publishing), has at least one cup of java a day. Mylrea takes her morning coffee with almond or soy milk. Hagan has an espresso every morning, and maybe again pre-run.

You may, like me, identify more with Kooperman, who takes her two cups to as she describes “rise and shine, or at least rise, with the rest of the world.” For Kooperman like our other fitness pros practice, the caffeine is often not just a get-the-eyes open stimulant but a boost for a morning workout.

That’s it: a range from nothing to two cups. Our fit pros are moderate coffee consumers. They primarily take their java in the morning if at all. Often, it is used strategically to enhance a workout.

How The Skinny After 50 Fitness Professionals Feel About Wine

Do our fitness pros imbibe? Well, yes, thank you very much, they do. With restraint.

Kymberly and Alexandra both report rare-to-never wine consumption. Irene and Julie limit themselves to a glass when they do drink and it’s often a weekend-only thing.

Some of our fit pros are regulars however. It’s every evening and it’s red. It’s a glass. Usually, it’s about a ritual over a meal or shared with a spouse or family members. Sometimes there might be the shared bottle with a loved one.

So the fit pro jury is split on their wine treatment. They can take it or leave it, and enjoy it, but as Irene pointed out one glass can easily turn to two. It’s the first thing she’ll ask a client who may be weight loss resistant about.

You can see a range of habits here yet mostly moderate. Wise fit women know their own personal limits and understand how to stay within them. As for this 50-something fitness pro, I can’t remember the last time I had a glass of wine. That, my dear, is the reason I don’t do it very often.

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