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Coffin Therapy: Ukranian Stepan Piryanyk Helps Customers Rest In Peace With New Treatment

A Ukrainian coffin maker is helping potential customers get comfortable -- but not too comfortable.

Stepan Piryanyk, an enterprising funerary box maker in Truskavets, offers afterlife-fearing patrons the opportunity to rest in peace with a session of coffin therapy.

The backstory to the 15-minute treatment is everything as creepy as you hoped for. Piryanyk explains:

"At one time our parents, as a rule, kept a coffin in the attic. Then our grandma —- who didn't have an attic -- came to us because she lived in an apartment. She asked us to make something that she could put in her apartment. So we decided to make her a coffin couch. You lay down on it in the evening and slowly get used to eternity."

Customers relax with the lid open or closed -- their choice -- and leave in a peaceful state of clarity and bliss. Hopefully.

"After a hard working day you can come in and just relax -- it's great. You go home in a completely different mood," Anna Petrukhina, 51, told Reuters.

If Piryanyk is looking to expand his market, HuffPost Weird News does not recommend releasing a calendar of topless girls with his caskets, like one Polish coffin maker did, much to the anger of the Catholic Church.

The BBC reports that each session costs $25 while other outlets say the treatment is free. Either way, everyone ends up a customer eventually.

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