Watch This Coke Can's Uncanny Impression Of Chewbacca


First there was the toilet paper dispenser that roared like Chewbacca, and now we have a can of Coke pulling a similar stunt.

Video going viral online shows a Coca-Cola Zero can making the unmistakable sound of a Wookiee as it's pushed across a table.

YouTube user Johannes Hansen, from Denmark, said a colleague noticed the funny harmony while fooling around at the office Tuesday.

Hansen stuck an image of Chewbacca to the can, shot the video and uploaded it to YouTube the following day.

"Thank god for unintentional Star Wars sounds," he wrote in the description.

If that isn't enough to send the Internet into meltdown, he claims to have another potential viral video up his sleeve.

"I also got a colleague who sounds like a laser blaster when she sneezes. :D," he wrote. If true, we can't wait to hear that!

The new Star Wars film -- "The Force Awakens" -- opens in the U.S. on Dec. 18. Another new teaser was released Thursday.

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