Coca-Cola's Fake Trailer Puts Noisy Moviegoers On The Spot

There's nothing more annoying than loud people in a movie theater. If common decency hasn’t taught people to be quiet at the cinema, perhaps this fake movie trailer by Coca-Cola will help out.

At a theater in Copenhagen, Denmark, Coca-Cola played a fake movie trailer that starred members of the audience. Thanks to some hidden cameras in the lobby and a conveniently placed green screen, a team of talented video editors was able to piece together a few shots of noisy moviegoers in the background of what becomes a rather awkward sex scene.

The message behind the fake trailer is simple: “When you make noise during the movie, you become a part of the movie. And it’s just not the same with you in it.”

As you can see, some viewers found the concept pretty darn hilarious. We can only hope the message got across.