Colbert One-Ups Amazon With A Radical Idea To Replace Drones: Brick And Mortar

Colbert Precisely Nails Why Amazon Drones Are So Unsettling

Stephen Colbert had a message for Amazon founder and "billionaire Busytown worm" Jeff Bezos last night: Forget about delivery drones, and listen up to this crazy new idea instead.

After looking at Bezos' video unveiling the drones on "60 Minutes," which he expects to (quite literally) launch within five years, Colbert had a few issues with the logistics that he could fix.

"There's the drone picking up the package and flying out of the warehouse," he described. "Navigating through the parts of America with no trees, phone lines or buildings, then landing on your doorstep while the semi-autonomous blade-wielding octocopter leaves."

All to deliver to a user's house in 30 minutes? "I want my stuff now, and I know how to get it!" Colbert insisted.

He presented a futuristic idea: Brick-and-mortar stores. "Amazon locations that customers can walk into. And buy things."

Just imagine a "wheeled basket conveyance, inspired by your website's abstract 'cart' graphic," Colbert directed toward Bezos, that shoppers use to pick up items on "shelves."

Check out the full clip above to see Colbert present this wildly abstract idea to Bezos.

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