Colbert Announces His Own GOP Debate: Host Parodies Donald Trump With Republican Event In January (VIDEO)

If Donald Trump is allowed to moderate a Republican debate, why can't Stephen Colbert?

On Tuesday's episode of "The Colbert Report," the host announced "Stephen Colbert's South Carolina Serious, Classy Republican Debate," intended to mock the announcement that "Apprentice" star and real estate mogul Donald Trump will moderate a GOP debate.

The decision to allow a Trump-moderated debate has sparked backlash even among Republicans, but Trump has vigorously defended his qualifications to moderate the debate, and even endorse a candidate afterwards. But naturally, Stephen Colbert sees this as a challenge to his own pedigree -- and spent a solid three minutes bombastically explaining why he's a much better fit to host a debate than Trump.

"The point is, forget Donald Trump. He's history, rolled in 'forget him,' smothered in yesterday sauce. Tomorrow is about me, the most famous man in the history of South Carolina. The GOP wants a serious debate? They deserve it."

He then announced his own debate, which he says will be on Animal Planet sometime in January. ("We'll figure out the date later.")

Normally, if a comedian announced such a high-profile political event, common wisdom would indicate that such an announcement should not be taken seriously. However, Colbert is known for his stunts that blur satire and reality. An email sent to Colbert's Super PAC mailing list on Tuesday seemed to confirm that the debate is no joke.

"It's going to be a classy affair. Shrimp cocktail, the works," according to the press release.

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