Colbert: 'Clearly, Anonymous Hacked My Show' (VIDEO)

If you watched last Thursday's "Colbert Report" frame-by-frame (or on the Internet the next day) you might have seen a mysterious Guy Fawkes mask superimposed onto Stephen Colbert's face. On Monday night's show, Colbert finally got to address the mask known as the symbol of Anonymous, a "shadowy alliance of anarchist hackers" (as Colbert puts it) and expressed his utter surprise at what we suspected was a planned bit.

"Clearly, Anonymous hacked my show," Colbert said. "It's no surprise. I'm pretty sure they've been hacking my bathroom scale for years."

As for the suspicions that Colbert had "joined" Anonymous, Colbert put that rumor to bed right away:

"The only way I'd be a member of something called 'Anonymous' is if my name was Stephen Anonymous."

But Colbert isn't the only one getting "Pwned" by Anonymous, as if that's really what happened. Right after Colbert's "incident," Anonymous targeted the website of Americans For Prosperity, the Koch brothers' organization which supports Wisconsin Governor Walker's current fight against the unions there.

Watch the rest of the segment below to hear Colbert's advice for Anonymous on how they can really mess with the AFP website, and witness Colbert's message for his would-be hackers.