Colbert Celebrates Anthony Weiner Comeback Story With Penis Jokes Aplenty (VIDEO)

If there's any one group rooting for an Anthony Weiner comeback, it's late night comedians. Weiner strongly hinted in a New York Times profile on Wednesday that he's planning on running for mayor in the upcoming election, and on that night's "Colbert Report," Stephen Colbert reminded his viewers of what exactly happened in the scandal that took down Weiner.

After explaining that the Weiner resigned, "saying he wanted to spend more time with his penis," Colbert jokingly said he would support a Weiner mayoral candidacy. "We wouldn't have to worry about a soda ban. For one thing, we've all seen that Weiner puts more than 16 ounces in his cup."

Colbert made so many penis puns that eventually, a disembodied hand appeared from under his desk simply so Colbert can give it a high five.

Check out the clip above to see Colbert prepare himself for a Weiner campaign by rattling off any many double entendres as he can in a five minute segment.



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