Colbert Apologizes To Karl Rove For Money Laundering Comments... Sort Of (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert is continuing to move the line on what a satirical talk show host can do in his latest war of words with Karl Rove and his lawyers.

After a September 29 episode where Colbert outlined how Rove has the ability to "launder money" from one Super PAC to another, Rove's lawyers sent the host a strongly worded email, saying that any innuendo that Rove's PACs had engaged in anything shadowy could easily be dismissed.

And in classic fashion, Colbert responded by reading the email on Thursday night's show and issuing a fake apology to Rove, vis-á-vis a ham wearing glasses.

Surreal, edgy, ambitious, and important... the segment is "The Colbert Report" at its very best.