Colbert's Armpit Activism: Host Mocks Unilever In 'The Word - Buy And Cellulite' (VIDEO)

Wednesday night's "Colbert Report" featured his popular segment, "The Word," and this time its target was Unilever, the maker of Dove products for women. The company recently released the "Go Sleeveless" stick, which supposedly helps women improve the look and feel of their armpits. Great.

According to Colbert, women have had the distinct pleasure of being "Madison Avenue's experimental lab rats," for decades, and "Go Sleeveless" is just another in a long line of products aimed at capitalizing on female insecurities.

Colbert went on to praise Unilever's brilliant marketing strategy of inventing a problem as well as the solution to it:

With Unilever's help, women have now learned that their armpits are hideous.

He then postulated that since the "problem" was made up anyway, that any Unilever product, including his own "Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream" ice cream (Ben & Jerry's is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unilever), could treat those unsightly lady pits.