Colbert Bashes 3D Printed Gun Manufacturers (VIDEO)

As the gun debate rages on, one development has sparked great interest: The rise of guns created by 3D printers. With this invention, anyone with the proper hardware and software can create a working firearm in their own home without going through traditional channels required to procure a weapon. And on last night's "Colbert Report," Stephen properly unpacked the phenomenon by mocking the 25-year-old Texas college student who has become a leader in the cause.

"What do we want? Guns! Why do we want them? I dunno," Colbert summed up the message of Cody Wilson, the founder and spokesperson for Defense Distributed, a leading organization advocating the dispensing of the software and tools necessary to create the guns.

Colbert pointed out that defense distributors are calling the 3D printed guns "wiki-weapons," referring to their accessibility by the public. And also, "like Wikipedia, they will also be used to settle bar bets," Colbert joked.

But last week, the State Department ordered the 3D printed guns instructions to be removed from the Internet. "The feds have pulled our world wide weapons. And we know that as soon as something is deleted from the Internet, it's as gone as Anthony Weiner's crotch."

Check out the clip above to see Colbert take down the 3D printed gun phenomenon.



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