Colbert: Glenn Beck's Rally Has Nothing To Do With Dr. King (VIDEO)

Colbert: Glenn Beck's Rally Has Nothing To Do With Dr. King (VIDEO)

Last night after Jon Stewart ripped apart Glenn Beck's civil rights rally on "The Daily Show," Stephen Colbert gave his take on the "restoring honor" rally. Specifically, Colbert explored how his rally will be different from that of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s on the same steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Colbert also defended Beck from the "restoring honor haters" who are upset about Beck holding his rally on the anniversary of Dr. King's "I have a dream" speech, saying, "Big whoop! 8/28 is also the birthday of Jason Priestly. You don't see his panties in a bunch."

Colbert concluded that Beck's rally has nothing to do with Dr. King, aside from "the date, location, march, and the threat of assassination." To prove that Beck wasn't just trying to emulate Dr. King, he showed clips of Beck comparing himself not just to Dr. King, but to Ghandi, erratic news anchor from the movie "Network" Howard Beale, and Jesus Christ. This gave Colbert a revelation:

"He's not just a talk show host!" Colbert gasped. "He's the 'Mighty Morphin' Power Martyr!'" With all the information he needs to "drink the Kool-Aid," Colbert demonstrated that he's ready to follow Beck in his "silver freedom spaceship that runs on human tears."


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