Colbert Blasts Beck And Bachmann For Anti-Census Stance (VIDEO)

Despite the poison-laced envelopes, Stephen Colbert bravely filled out his census form last night. But before doing so, he took some time to mock conservatives, notably Michele Bachmann and Glenn Beck, for their stance against the form.

Bachmann, "a supporter of privacy and opponent of blinking," had urged constituents not to fill out the forms, claiming from 1942 to 1947, the government used them to round up the Japanese for internment camps. Colbert echoed her sentiment: "They're bringing back the Japanese internment camps! That's why she keeps her eyes so round."

Moving along to Beck, Colbert played a not surprisingly over-the-top clip from his show where the Fox News personality argued that the census increases dependence Washington, comparing it to modern day slavery. But as Colbert pointed out, he doesn't have to worry about offending descendants of actual slaves because he "broadcasts at a frequency only white people can hear."