Stephen Colbert Has A Field Day With Breitbart For Attacking Wrong Loretta Lynch

Stephen Colbert is not letting Breitbart off easy for attacking the wrong Loretta Lynch in a recent hit piece on President Barack Obama's nominee for attorney general.

In a since-removed article published Sunday, the conservative news website falsely reported that Lynch represented former President Bill Clinton during the Whitewater scandal. That, however, was a different Loretta Lynch, and not the president's attorney general nominee.

"I'm giving a tip of the hat to Breitbart for breaking this news, finding out it's broken, but sticking with the story anyway," Colbert said.

At one point, the article was updated to include "[CORRECTION]" in the headline and a correction note was added at the bottom, but the story was eventually taken down from the site.

"I salute Breitbart for not taking down a headline that you know is false -- they are craven political hatchet men," he said. "Oh, they eventually took it down? My apologies. They are craven political hatchet men (corrected)."