Stephen Colbert Discovers The Chinese Ripoff Of His Own Show

Stephen Colbert just discovered China's adaptation of "The Colbert Report," and he's not angry so much as confused.

Of course, by "adaptation" we mean "blatant, unauthorized ripoff ignoring all copyright laws." The show, entitled "The Banquet," directly lifts "The Report's" opening sequence (with the notable replacement of a helicopter instead of Colbert's majestic bald eagle).

He has no idea what the show is about, but he does know one thing: "It's funny, because the government says so."

The Chinese network that airs the show, Ningxia TV, is estimated to reach around 400 million homes. Comedy Central, in comparison, is broadcast to around 98 million households.

Colbert, the ever-cunning capitalist, was left with no choice: He asked to appear on "The Banquet." Surely, Colbert will keep us updated with his quest to appear on Chinese TV.