Colbert: Corporations Are People Too (VIDEO)

Colbert: Corporations Are People Too (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert took on the Supreme Court case over "Hillary: The Movie" this week, which centers around a 90-minute film that savaged Clinton's presidential ambitions and whether or not it could be regulated as a campaign ad. The film's budget, funded by Citizens United, far exceeded the amount corporations and unions are legally allowed to spend on federal campaigns, but the court could change all that. The Supremes are on the verge of deregulating corporate campaign spending despite the fact that "[their deep pocket and the potential for corruption] amply justify treating corporate and union expenditures differently from those by individuals and ideological nonprofit groups," according to Sens. McCain and Feingold.

Stephen disagrees. He thinks that corporations should be treated just like individuals: "Corporations do everything people do except breathe, die and go to jail for dumping 1.3 million pounds of PCBs in the Hudson River." He took us through the legal history of corporate campaign spending, which seems to hinge largely on an over-eager court reporter.


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