Colbert Crushes Glenn Beck For Latest "Hysterical" Attack On Obama (VIDEO)


As part of his new Afghanistan strategy, President Obama announced that he will deploy 30,000 troops to the region -- a plan that has drawn mixed reactions among analysts.

Not surprisingly, Glenn Beck was fired up that Obama would have the audacity to make such a decision, seemingly calling into question the President's place on the military chain of command. Said Beck: "You do what your military advisers ask for...Who is the President?"

Colbert "echoed" Beck's "logic," pointing out that, "Obama is acting like he is chief who is commander of the armed forces.

Well, according to Colbert's upside-down chart, Obama's right at the bottom. Above him, the generals. The list goes all the way up the leaders of nation: the boy scouts, who "receive their strategies from G.I. Joe."


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