Colbert Decries Second Inauguration Of 'Three-Term President' (VIDEO)

On Monday night, Stephen Colbert kicked off President Obama's second term the only way he knows how: With a new conspiracy theory.

"Check your Constitution!" Colbert exclaimed, pointing out that Obama technically took the oath of office on Sunday, Jan. 20, as mandated by law. Monday's proceedings were largely ceremonial.

Colbert thinks the President may have a trick up his sleeve. "By taking the oath today, he has made himself a three-term president, serving the second two terms consecutively. Now to get rid of him, we have to impeach him twice!"

Plus, he thought the Inauguration Day festivities were unnecessary. "You don't see other people throwing a party when they continue to do their jobs," he said.

Even the musical choices of Inauguration Day, such as a performance from singer James Taylor, ticked Stephen off. "[Obama] shows how far we have come as a nation: A black guy who likes James Taylor."

Check out the full clip from Monday's "Colbert Report" above.

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Colbert Interrupting Politics