Colbert Defends Breitbart's 'Accidental' Release Of Weiner Photo (VIDEO)

Poor Andrew Breitbart. How was he to know that there would be video cameras rolling in a radio studio? Does the phrase "face for radio" mean nothing anymore?

As Colbert explained on Thursday night's show, the "blogger and journal-ish" had previously stated that he was withholding the most incriminating of the Anthony Weiner photos in order to "do the decent thing." However, the image made its way to the public anyway thanks to a studio camera shot of Breitbart showing the photo, which he had saved on his phone, to radio hosts Opie and Anthony (presumably to show everyone how decent the thing he wasn't doing was).

Colbert began his segment by apologizing for showing a heavily-censored version of the image on his show, and went on to "defend" Breitbart as a victim: "Look at that face; it's so innocent."