Colbert Defends NRA's Gun Control Backlash (VIDEO)

In contrast to Jon Stewart's overt commentary on the Newtown massacre on Tuesday in his monologue attacking gun control opponents, Stephen Colbert took the stance of an NRA defender on Wednesday, and didn't mention the Sandy Hook tragedy once. ("Because it undermines my position," he said.)

Colbert used his pulpit to blast "Dear Leader Obama" for his unending quest to confiscate guns from every American, "in that he has never tried to take away our guns before."

But this time is different. Not only because of Obama's push to use his office to reform gun laws, but because NRA leadership, present and former, seems to be going out of their way to give the press quotes that make them look less than reasonable. Colbert made clear that he stands with Wayne LaPierre, whose tone-deaf speech in the wake of the Newtown murders called for an armed guard in every school in America.

"They can work it into the prom theme: Enchantment Under the Siege!" Colbert quipped.

He also supports former NRA president Marion Hammer, who made the strange claim that guns are being banned because of "the color of a gun and the way it looks." Colbert can sympathize with the real victim, guns: "If Dr. King were alive, he'd be standing with the NRA," he said, to some audience groans.

Check out the clip above for Colbert's tongue-in-cheek defense of the NRA.



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