Colbert Report Denver International Airport Conspiracy Segment Features William Tapley, 'Third Eagle Of The Apocalypse' (VIDEO)

William Tapley, the "Third Eagle of the Apocalypse" and "Co-Prophet of the End Times," first made waves back in June when his Denver International Airport theories earned a spot on Anderson Cooper's 'Ridiculist.'

Tapley's detailed analysis of DIA's many murals (and phalluses, apparently), are again in the national spotlight. A recent Colbert Report segment features an interview with the 'Third Eagle,' DIA spokesman Jeff Green, and a detailed breakdown of how the '2012 end times' may begin with, "Welcome to Denver International Airport." Watch the Colbert video, above. Some of William Tapley's DIA conspiracy videos are featured in a slideshow, below:

William Tapley Denver International Airport Conspiracy

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