Colbert Discusses His Presidential Ambitions On "Meet The Press"

Today, Stephen Colbert, host of The Colbert Report, appeared on "Meet the Press," with Tim Russert. Russert interviewed Colbert about his recent announcement that he is running for president, although so far only in South Carolina. Russert seemed incredulous about Colbert's presidential bid, but Stephen set him straight, assuring Russert that he was very serious about his candidacy, and that this was not "a dream you will wake up from." Colbert's "Meet the Press" appearance, a required venue for any serious presidential contender, solidifies Colbert's intention to seek the White House. Let us know what you think about the substance, and the odds, of Colbert's White House bid.

Watch the video from "Meet the Press" below:

Stephen Colbert livelies up "Meet the Press" with a discussion about his bid for the presidency and his views on gay marriage. From NBC 10/21/07.