Colbert Tackles Dr. Laura Schlessinger's N-Word Rant (VIDEO)

Last night on "The Report," Colbert took on Dr. Laura Schlessinger's recent string of racial slurs during a call on her radio show with an African-American caller.

Dr. Laura told the caller, who expressed concern over her white husband's friends being racist, that if she's that "hypersensitive about color" and doesn't "have a sense of humor" then "don't marry out of your race." This came after Dr. Laura said the N-word 11 times in a shocking string of obscenities. "That's why Thomas Jefferson never married Sally Hemmings," Colbert said. "She never laughed at his slave jokes."

Colbert was also personally concerned about Dr. Laura's rant because he feared the FCC might come after his own radio show, "Colbert On The Air," which he then showed a hilarious clip from. But it turns out Dr. Laura won't be on the radio again any time soon, after her announcement to end her show on "Larry King Live" Tuesday.

"I assume because she wants to spend more time saying the N-word with her family," Colbert said.