Colbert Channels 'Dr. Strangelove' To Solve Park51 Dilemma (VIDEO)

Last night on "The Report," Stephen Colbert focused his "The Word" segment on Terry Jones's attempted Quran burning and the planned Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero. Colbert feels that whether we burn the Quran or build a mosque, the only thing that will stop terrorists from attacking us is a plan straight out of the script of "Dr. Strangelove."

First, Colbert showed his resentment for people like Sarah Palin speaking out against the burning of the Quran by likening it to the planned park51 Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero. "Destroying a religious symbol and building a religious center are really the same thing if you don't think about it," Colbert said. "Ground Zero is a sacred site. How DARE they build a house of worship there?"

While Jones claimed to call off the Quran burning because Imam Rauf said he wouldn't build the Islamic center, Rauf said that NOT building it will send a message to Muslim nations that Islam is under attack in America. On the other hand, Sean Hannity said building it will send the message that Americans are submitting to foreign pressures. So what's the right thing to do?

Doing his best Peter Sellers impression, Colbert provided a solution from the cold war era film "Dr. Strangelove," involving a doomsday machine covered with a certain holy book, that will only be detonated if a certain cultural center is built. The solution, and the impression, were really quite brilliant.