Colbert Criticizes Obama's Lackluster End-Of-War Announcement (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert kicked off "The Report" last night by celebrating the last combat troops leaving Iraq, officially ending "Operation Iraqi Freedom" two weeks ahead of President Obama's schedule. "Now Iraq will always be remembered as 'the war that ended early,'" Colbert exclaimed after a flood of balloons poured over his set.

But Colbert expressed concern over Obama's lackluster announcement of the end of the war, which simply stated that while non-combat troops will remain in Iraq, the war ended "as promised, and on schedule."

"That's not a declaration of victory," Colbert complained. "That's a pizza delivery slogan." Colbert would prefer something closer to George W. Bush's 2003 aircraft carrier display of "mission accomplished" banners, but since that's already been done, he offered some suggestions on how Obama could display an appropriate amount of enthusiasm.

Let's just say it involves pulling a "Slater," then skateboarding down the Washington Monument, and at some point giving angels erections.