Colbert, Fallon & Stewart In Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Battle Royal (VIDEO)

Back in 2007, it was a rare privilege to have an ice cream named after you, but now it seems like Ben & Jerry will make one for any late night comedy host. Anyone except Jon Stewart, of course.

After announcing that the same company that makes Stephen Colbert's AmeriCone Dream had come out with a "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" flavor, Colbert tasted the concoction and immediately winced: "...are those ingredients or did the Pringles man take a dump in an ice cream machine?"

Colbert then demanded that Fallon cancel his flavor or face the consequences, at which point Jimmy himself appeared on stage to defend Late Night Snack's honor. A few pointed cracks at each other later and an all-out ice cream brawl was in full effect, with Jon Stewart getting Colbert's back and Jay Leno not getting Fallon's back.

Following a commercial break, Colbert and Fallon shared an ice-cream-headache-induced hallucination in the magical cartoon farmland of Ben & Jerry, which naturally ended in a song about friendship.



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