Stephen Colbert: God Is A Commie And Pope Francis Is A Socialist

Stephen Colbert came to some shocking conclusions about the Pope on Tuesday's Colbert Report.

Pope Francis has focused on poverty as one of the world's greatest moral problems from the moment he was elected pope, choosing a name referring to St. Francis of Assisi in a bid to remember the poor. Since then he's spoken out on economic inequality and wealth redistribution, urging world leaders to reform broken systems in order to alleviate homelessness and hunger.

He also memorably slammed capitalism as a "new tyranny" in November, raising speculation about his political beliefs.

“Son of a bishop!” Colbert exclaimed on the show. “The Pope is a socialist. In retrospect, I should have known: he lives in Europe, and he gives his employees a one-day work-week.”

"Either the Pope is wrong," he continued, "Or God's a commie."

Watch the hilarious segment above for a surprising revelation about Jesus as well.

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