Stephen Colbert Covers US Border Crisis Just Like Fox News Would

Stephen Colbert Takes A Lesson From Fox News

Stephen Colbert took on the issue of US child immigration and border security on Thursday night by reporting it just like his favorite news source, Fox News.

Colbert said that, like his Fox News counterparts, he too has "a deep love for the Latin American people" that he plans to express "very publicly." He cut to several Fox News hosts and contributors expressing their care and concern for the thousands of immigrant children who have been arriving at the border.

“These kids aren’t just invading our country, they’re here,” Colbert said with his hand on his heart.

"And with our hearts full of love for the Latin American people, it's clear what we must do," he said before jumping to a clip of Fox News' Laura Ingraham, whose advice was to "start deporting people-- not by the hundreds, not by the dozens-- by the thousands."

“It’s a tough love,” Colbert said. “Or a very soft hate."

Watch the full episode above and jump to 2:20 for the immigration segment.

(h/t: Raw Story)

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