Colbert Interviews Clint Eastwood's Chair (VIDEO)

WATCH: Colbert's Dramatic Interview With Clint Eastwood's Chair

Conventions have a way of fast-tracking the careers of lesser-known politicians by thrusting them into the limelight at just the right time. Barack Obama's 2004 convention speech put him on the national stage, paving the way for his 2008 presidential run, and Marco Rubio was probably hoping for the same at this year's RNC. Unfortunately, he was upstaged by a piece of furniture.

After Clint Eastwood's dadaist performance in Tampa Thursday night, the interview every pundit has been angling for is with his empty chair. Stephen Colbert landed it, but it didn't go quite the way he expected.

After this segment, we totally get why Chair was given such a plum spot in the RNC lineup. This guy is downright inspiring.

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