'Better Know A Challenger' With Jake Rush May Be Colbert's Most Ridiculous Interview Yet

This May Be His Most Ridiculous Interview Yet

You could be forgiven if, like us, you thought that dressing as a vampire would be the most outrageous part of Stephen Colbert's interview with congressional hopeful and LARPer Jake Rush. But it wasn't until Colbert took out a gun and started talking to it that things got really absurd (and wonderful).

Like many before him, Rush can now enjoy the Colbert Bump, but we're not quite sure if it'll be the exact bump he wanted. Nevertheless, the Tea Party candidate and part-time vampire kept his cool throughout, and for that he is to be commended.

Check out part one of Colbert's segment where he introduces Rush and his alter-ego Chazz Darling (best fake name since Carlos Danger?) and then part two, "Better Know A Challenger" below.

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