Jay Carney Opens Up About The Clashes He Had With Reporters

Jay Carney Opens Up About The Clashes He Had With Reporters

Outgoing White House press secretary Jay Carney sat down with Stephen Colbert on Thursday night and talked about "occasionally taking the bait" with reporters.

Carney is leaving his post after serving three and a half years, and gave his last White House press briefing earlier this week. Colbert asked if there was anything he has regretted saying during his term, and Carney pointed to clashes he occasionally had with reporters.

Carney said that being at the podium, "it’s easy to win an exchange: when somebody’s getting riled up and filled with — sometimes feigns — righteous indignation, and if they’re really obnoxious, and you get a little rattled and you sort of engage. You finish the exchange thinking ‘I won that. I killed.’ And then you look at it later on TV and you realize that nobody actually sees the entire exchange. They just see you wagging your finger or looking like a jerk."

He continued, “I didn’t do that often, but when I did — ”

“It was to Jonathan Karl of ABC News,” Colbert joked. “You two had some tense moments, right? Now, why don’t you guys just get a room?”

Watch the entire interview in the clip above.

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