Stephen Colbert Calls Jon Stewart A 'Liberal Lion,' Praises 'Rosewater' And Gives Him A Kiss

On his umpteenth stop of his press tour for "Rosewater," Jon Stewart, the person, sat down with Stephen Colbert, the character, for an endearing meeting of the old friends/nemeses.

In part one of the Thursday night interview, Colbert reminded Stewart to soak up his "Colbert Report" experience because there are only 12 episodes left, then chided him for being the "voice of the left" but failing to increase the youth voter turnout during the midterm elections.

"How does it feel to know that your entire career could have just as well been shouted into a sock and thrown off an overpass?" Colbert asked.

In part two, Colbert put his politics aside and praised Stewart for his directorial debut, even going so far as to say he should "stay in his lane" instead of doing both TV and film so well. Stewart opened up about the inspiration for "Rosewater," showed a clip and told the story of Jason Jones being mistaken for an actual U.S. spy.

But the best part of the interview has to be the ending, in which Stewart shows how exhausted he is from doing interviews and receives a hug and a kiss from Colbert in return.



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