Jonathan Safran Foer Explains 'New American Haggadah' To Stephen Colbert (VIDEO)

Translated by Nathan Englander, with commentaries by Lemony Snicket and Jeffrey Goldberg, the New American Haggadah sets itself apart from the 7,000 editions of the Passover manual that already exist. As Jonathan Safran Foer, the book's editor, explains to Stephen Colbert, every generation of Jews tells the story of the Exodus -- the 10 plagues, redemption from Egyptian slavery, etc. -- in its own way.

"What you do with it is try to make it felt, instead of just read," Safran Foer said.

But it may take more than the traditional four questions and answers to convince Colbert.

"You think you can improve on Moses?" he said. "You got some matzah balls, buddy."

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