Colbert Knocks Conservative Pundits For Promoting Racial Profiling (VIDEO)

After suggesting that airports institute crotch screenings and check photo IDs of passengers' balls, Stephen Colbert mocked conservative news pundits last night who have suggested scrutinizing anyone Muslim or named "Abdul."

Getting in on the action, Colbert suggested that "every time a young Muslim man arrives at the airport, the TSA should respectively take him aside, and give him an involuntary colonoscopy." He went a step further when he acknowledged that the Christmas bomber was not an Arab Muslim, but from Nigeria; given the pundits' suggestions, the "only" option would be go after all black people... or Hispanics.. or anyone with the last name of "Reid."

Conceding that this conflicts with ideals that America prides itself on, Colbert closed with:

Either hold on to our ideals and accept the remote chance you that might die in a terrorist attack or toss away our ideals and accept the remote chance you might die in a terrorist attack. But at least we'll feel like we took action.


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