Colbert Looks At Gingrich's Chances In Florida (VIDEO)

The Colbert Report

Newt Gingrich may have given a decently awful performance in Thursday night's debate, but even prior to that, the "Gingrich surge" seemed destined to fail. Stephen Colbert devoted much of the first segment of Thursday's "Colbert Report" to Gingrich's actual chances of winning the GOP nomination -- and things didn't look good.

"Romney and Gingrich are neck and neck," Stephen said, before pausing and clarifying, "Well, neck and amphibious neck pouch."

Colbert poked fun at Gingrich's big plans to bring manufacturing and statehood to the Moon after the Gingrich administration brings several American bases to space. Take that, Ohio and Washington, D.C.!

He also poked fun at the notorious column on Fox News penned by Dr. Keith Ablow, who claimed that Gingrich's affairs would make him a better president than a faithful husband. Colbert thinks we should look past Newt's "weaknesses to his strengths, which are his weaknesses."

"And folks, as Ablow says, this was a risk to his reputation," Stephen points out. "Someone without Dr. Ablow's psychiatric insight, might misdiagnose Newt as a sociopathic pussyhound."