Colbert Defends Megyn Kelly's 'White Santa' Comments

Colbert Jumps Into Racial Debate

After Jon Stewart had his say on Megyn Kelly's White Santagate, Stephen Colbert chimed in with some words of faux support for the Fox News host.

"Liberals attacked this good woman for saying Santa Claus is white," Colbert said in the character of his blustery right-wing pundit, and joined "prominent African-Americans like Bill O'Reilly" who defended Kelly.

His "Papa Bear" pointed out that the historical St. Nicholas was of Turkish origin, making him definitively a white man. But CNN's Don Lemon did his own research, bringing on four "Santas" of different races.

"One white, one black, one Latino and one Filipino Santa? That reminds me of a great joke I can only tell to a white Santa," Colbert joked.

He then pivoted to the fact that some German publications believe that Santa was German, and that the American Santa is threatening their version.

"Germany going after Santa? Sounds like somebody didn't learn their lesson about invading the Poles," Colbert quipped.

He provided context: "These Scrooge McDeustchlanders claim that Father Christmas was born in the mid 19th century when a Munich magazine published a drawing of a grim-looking man in a hooded coat carrying a Christmas tree through the snow. Bad news, Germany. That's not a beloved Christmas symbol. That's just a homeless guy. He thinks the tree is his wife."

Check out Colbert's tongue-in-cheek look at the debate surrounding Santa's race above.

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