Colbert Mocks Fox News For Putting Lid On Murdoch Scandal (VIDEO)

WATCH: Colbert Mocks Fox News For Putting Lid On Murdoch Scandal

Stephen Colbert dug into the mess that is Rupert Murdoch's "News Of The World" hacking scandal Monday night, making sure to mention how Fox News covered -- or didn't cover -- the story.

In a segment called "Blood In The Water," Colbert detailed the scandal's many facets including illegal phone hacking and the resignation of the head of Scotland Yard among other fallout, although that last part didn't really impress Colbert:

"Why is Scotland Yard policing England anyway? Call me when the head of England yard resigns, that's news."

But it was Fox News, specifically "Fox & Friends" pundit Steve Doocy, who bore the brunt of Colbert's wit after he "blew the lid back onto the story" during a segment with "Some PR guy who may or may not be employed by Rupert Murdoch." Fox News, owned by Murdoch's Newscorp, had previously stayed away from the story and now Bob Dilenschneider (the "some PR guy") and Doocy were suggesting the media focus on other hacking scandals like those that occurred at Citibank and Bank of America, instead of Murdoch.

"Right, those banks' files were hacked, and Murdoch hacked into people's phones," Colbert said. "They're both victims of being in the same sentence with the word 'hack.'"

Watch Colbert's full commentary below.

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