Colbert Mocks Mitt Romney's 'Struggling' Waiter Remarks At Fundraiser (VIDEO)

In yet another attempt to connect with the humans who can make him President, GOP candidate Mitt Romney made an eyebrow-raising remark at a fundraiser this week that Stephen Colbert just couldn't ignore.

At a fundraiser on Monday where supporters paid upwards of $50,000 to see him, Romney used the venue's waitstaff as an example of people who are "struggling" under President Obama, adding, "they're not having a good year." It might sound like an out-of-touch assumption, but in Colbert's opinion, this means that the "detached, tone-deaf, body-snatching pod creature" that is Romney may finally be starting to understand the plight of the working class.

"Because there's nothing blue-collar Joes like more than having their struggles pointed out in front of a room of rich people they are serving."

Watch the full segment above, wherein Colbert relives some of Romney's other out-of-touch moments and does some pandering of his own to Jay the intern.



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