Colbert Mocks Paul Ryan's Ayn Rand Love Affair (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan was extremely influenced by the writings and philosophy of Ayn Rand... everything except the atheist overtones, which were extremely subtle. But that bit about how the poor don't deserve love... that's just sound economic policy.

How the party of the religious right also has embraced a near anti-Jesus like Rand, is beyond the comprehension of many, including it would seem Stephen Colbert. The host took a closer look at the man who would be Veep and his economic-policy muse on Wednesday's "Report," and at least one thing was clear: "You can see the Randian influence in Paul Ryan's own work of Ayn Rand fan fiction, the Republican budget."

Watch the clip above, and then take a look at Colbert's follow-up interview with Rand expert and Stanford professor Jennifer Burns.