Colbert: Fox News Host Is The Perfect Example Of His Own Point On Overtime Pay

Stephen Colbert took a swipe at Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Thursday night.

On Thursday, President Obama ordered the Department of Labor to change the rules for overtime. Currently, employees designated as having supervisory roles who make more than $455 a week are not eligible for overtime pay. The new reforms would aim to raise the salary threshold that workers earn before they can be excluded from overtime pay.

Not everyone is happy about Obama's move, Colbert pointed out on Thursday. He joked that some members of Congress are absolutely right not to support it. After all, Colbert said, “They never work overtime. Or time, for that matter.”

The host played a clip of Cavuto wondering whether the new rules would be "rewarding people who don't deserve those bucks." Colbert could not agree more: "Yes, you start paying people who don't deserve it and before you know it, you've hired Neil Cavuto."