Colbert: New York Gay Marriage Part Of The 'Cuomo-Sexual' Agenda (VIDEO)

WATCH: Colbert On The Cuomo-Sexual Agenda

Stephen Colbert wasn't surprised by New York Governor Cuomo signing the recently passed gay marriage bill, as the "Report" host has long been on to the Cuomo-Sexual agenda.

Of course, by now we all know that gay marriage is just gateway legislation for inter-species marriage; you let same sex partners marry, and pretty soon people will start marrying anything, just like Bill O'Reilly says.

But in a stunning turn, Colbert took to the air on Monday to share a very personal story about an uncle, a dolphin, and a love that never saw the light of day. While you may not support the lifestyle, you can't help but be touched by this tale of two mammals trying to make their way in this crazy world together.

So while gay marriage may still weird you out, back off the dolphins.


International users can watch the clip at Colbert Nation.

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