Colbert Lampoons New York Times College Sex Coverage (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert couldn't believe the scoop The New York Times had this week that women in college "enjoy the sex."

On Thursday's "Colbert Report," the satirical mastermind took on a much-derided story from The Times titled "Sex on Campus: She Can Play That Game, Too."

A man playing Henry Mitchell MacCracken, who Colbert described as "still evidently The New York Times' trends editor," joined Colbert to explain the issue: "They're doing it! Girls too! And they like it!" (The real MacCracken was a college chancellor who died in 1918.)

Colbert also noted that The Times has essentially run some version of this story about college students having sex in 2012, 2010, 2008, 1997, 1988, 1976, 1972, 1968, 1967, 1963 and 1940.

If you missed the article, Rachel Hodin at Thought Catalog sums up the investigation of the University of Pennsylvania campus as a "shocking, titillating discovery" that women in college have casual sex:

I know I know; it’s hardly even believable. But what’s more, Taylor found that female Penn students are more concerned with building their resumes than they are with finding a boyfriend. It’s an interesting find -- one that would no doubt be made much more interesting if life was actually the AMC TV show Mad Men.

The Times article, written by Kate Taylor, wasn't popular on the Penn campus either, the Daily Pennsylvanian reports:

2013 College graduate Isabel Friedman, former producer of the Vagina Monologues at Penn, voiced this criticism very clearly. “[Taylor] came into campus with a clear agenda … [she] chose women to support her idea rather than coming in with an open mind,” she said.

Rising College junior Heather Holmes agreed with Friedman. She said that while Taylor’s approach is “an accurate representation of a minority of people,” it is a “simplification” of Penn’s culture.

The Daily Pennsylvanian editorialized, "In her failed attempt to glimpse a part of Penn’s culture, Taylor drew conclusions that inaccurately represented and overly generalized the University’s student body."

Watch the segment in the video above.



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