Colbert, Now With Stubble, Takes On Sarah Palin's Bus Tour (VIDEO)

WATCH: Colbert Takes On Palin's Weird Bus Tour

Stephen Colbert, currently sporting some post-hiatus stubble, may be the only person covering Sarah Palin the way she's meant to be covered: with mockery and flippancy. Now that the reality show star has embarked on a cross-country bus tour for some reason, the media only has one question: "Why?" And Colbert only has one question about the attention they're paying to her: "Why?"

After examining the purpose behind Palin's trip, which only is vaguely explained as a tour of America yet solicits donations from her supporters, Colbert then took aim at the folksiness-with-blinders that the Palins espouse. The half-term governor's daughter reverently spoke of her admiration for George Washington's work ethic in running his farm, which he obviously maintained singlehandedly.

We doubt that Palin will be stopping by Colbert's studios while she's in New York, though -- according to her Twitter, she'll be too busy visiting "the Statute of Liberty." The GOP frontrunner, ladies and gentlemen!


CORRECTION: This entry previously said Palin admired Washington's work ethic. It was actually her daughter who was admiring his work ethic. Palin just thought it would be a good idea to share that.

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