Colbert Defends Obama On Libya, War Powers Resolution (VIDEO)

Colbert's sharpest satire is often reserved for members of the GOP, but on Wednesday night's "Report," it was President Obama who was the subject of the host's pointed barbs.

The President's refusal to seek authorization from congress under the War Powers Resolution for his actions in Libya has been met with bipartisan frustration. During his popular segment "The Word," Colbert mockingly praised Obama for finally acting "presidential" by telling congress they could "suck it." He then launched into a scathing critique of the Obama administration's semantic acrobatics in denying that the war in Libya is actually a war, and suggested that the same rhetorical deniability might be applied to Afghanistan.

Obama could end the Afghan war tonight by calling it something else.... Using the executive power of meaningless semantics, President Obama could end all wars.


International viewers who cannot see the embedded video can watch it at Colbert Nation.