Colbert On Gulf Seafood Safety And Oil Plumes: 'My Mouth Is Watering Already' (VIDEO)

On The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert tackles the reports of a 22-mile oil plume still lingering under the surface of the Gulf, and the kick off of shrimping season, despite conflicting viewpoints about the current safety of Gulf seafood.

Mocking the FDA's report that seafood is safe for being "tested below the level of concern for health risks from petroleum compounds," Colbert enthusiastically says, "Below the level of concern for health risks...mmm! My mouth is watering already!"

Dr. Michael Blum from Tulane University joins Colbert to discuss the situation. While Blum assures that reports of the oil disappearing do not mean it has left the environment, Colbert has another theory: "Maybe it was a miracle. Miracles happen. Jesus turned water into wine. Maybe he's just turned oil into water, and then -- come Mardi Gras -- he'll turn it back into wine again."

When getting down to the gist of it, Colbert just wants to know how long he has to pay attention to the aftermath of BP's disaster, and doesn't appear too happy about Blum's opinion that the effects will haunt the area for years to come.

"I have to care about this for years? But there's going to be no footage of oil spewing from the bottom of the ocean. How can I care about something I can't see? The oil is not god," Colbert satirically quips.


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