Colbert Takes On Out-Mayor Johnny Cummings In Amazing 'People Who Are Destroying America' Segment (VIDEO)

This Colbert Segment Will Probably Make You Cry

Whenever Stephen Colbert debuts one of his "People Who Are Destroying America" segments, you know you're about to meet someone wonderful. It's the brilliance of "The Colbert Report" that anything labelled as horrible or destructive is actually something that restores your faith in humanity.

Wednesday's subject of Colbert's fake ire was no exception. In fact, the story of Mayor Johnny Cummings of Vicco, Ky. and the people of his town is so heartwarming you might want to plan a visit there. If you recall, Vicco made headlines in January for being one of the smallest towns in America to pass a non-discrimination law. Naturally, this development sent chills down the spine of "Stephen Colbert"... not to be confused with Stephen Colbert.

While the segment offers plenty of laughs, we challenge you to watch the last moment without tearing up a little bit.

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