Colbert Blunts Pitchfork For Questioning His Honesty Over Daft Punk No-Show (VIDEO)

Indie music site Pitchfork had the temerity to question Stephen Colbert's honesty regarding the Daft Punk cancellation scandal that took over the internet yesterday. Bad move.

After Colbert's "Get Lucky" dance party went viral, Pitchfork speculated that the whole thing may have been a ruse to promote the French duo's appearance on the VMAs next month. On Wednesday's "Report," Colbert gave them to business:

"Well, I've got one thing to say to Pitchfork. Busted! You got me... We thought we had tricked you by flying in the disco Decepticons from Paris, in a sophisticated pantomime to fool everyone – even myself, so committed was I – that Daft Punk was coming, all just to help someone else's show on another network a month from now."


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