Colbert Plays "Fondue Pong" With The Swiss (VIDEO)

Colbert Plays "Fondue Pong" With The Swiss (VIDEO)

While in Vancouver for the "Quadrennial Cold Weather Athletic Competition," Stephen Colbert paid a visit to the Olympic Houses, causing international incidents along the way.

In an attempt to break Switzerland's neutrality, Colbert challenged the Swiss to a game of Fondue Pong, which he described as "like American Beer Pong, but with bowls of scalding cheese." After his earlier attempts at provoking his Swiss host to stab him in the eye were thwarted, Colbert took to taunting during the match: "You think I'm afraid of your boiling cheese? In America we use that to fry other cheese."

Upon the game's completion, Colbert continued on his way, inciting James Joyce-based fights in an Irish bar and triumphing in table hockey against the Russians.


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